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by Falaun

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Fools 03:44
The strongest drug I ever took, was the one when I was born The greatest lie they ever told, was the one that fooled them all Productivity at an all time low, they told us to work harder Mental health on the increase, the lights only getting darker Fall into line, follow the crowd, go with the stream, watch life pass you by If they fooled me and they fooled you, if they fooled everybody else, its what they meant to do Keep your head down work harder, slave away the daily grind One day you'll own a house, with a mortgage until you die Get a new car on finance, don't forget your council tax I think I've had enough of work, I want my life back
Turning Red 01:13
The streets will turn to red as the blood gets mixed with dirt They've got us at each other's throats Sleeping on the job while we're all struggling to cope Remember the real enemy It's the nonces up in Parliament not folks like you and me They tried dividing us, it worked They're hitting us right where it hurts We'll line the streets with corpses of the politicians The pavement will turn red as all the blood gets mixed with dirt
Sick 00:53
Always the last one up and the hardest to come down I snort away my sanity as my brain trickles down Nose as the instrument, my body as a host Alone is what I feel most I'm sick and tired I dig myself a hole and I throw myself in If anyone's around, I'll drag them in too Don't do it to yourself, make sure you get help Because my pain is infectious, and I'll infect you Why cant we see that this life ain't for you or me
Penance 02:56
Your inner peace has been disturbed, everything distressing A status of a survivor, support system dissolved Everything becomes forgotton, but those alarms still sound We immerse in anxiety, we are still at harm I will not go quietly, like a good girl should I will speak my mind, even if I am misunderstood Everything a potential threat, those traits you don't forget Lines wear fine for suicide, as you begin to regret You wish for the day, of the macho decay When it's safe to come out from the shadows, we won't hang from the gallows Never understood, never understood https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magdalene_Laundries_in_Ireland
Deported from a land, a land that you once walked hand in hand with Too tired to fight, locked in a cell a candle the only light You're not forgotten, your struggle tells a million stories Backed by a brutal regime, this one funded by the Tories These walls must fall, burn down the prisons A hostile environment, reporting rewarded Grassed in by a neighbour, a rat turned informant Smuggled over continents, punished for coming out of hiding There's no doubt about it, Yarl's Wood is a concentration camp The right to remain, do you feel ashamed, in this nation of pain, where we all share the blame
Replaceable 01:14
Blind panic, uncertainty, not knowing Dull drone,the workers keen Replace the hands, with machines Replaceable, disposable The casualisation of the workforce destroys workers, working them to the bone when they are profitable, then leaving them hungry when they need the work. Sample from Ken Loach's Sorry We Missed You. http://www.solfed.org.uk/
We are the night witches, the unsung heroes of the war, we flew under the radar, to kill the fascists in the dark We braved the bullets and the frostbite, and sexual abuse on the ground And now in the history books, we are nowhere to be found We are feared and hated, by every german in the sky As we wore an iron cross, for every fascist we made die Planes sound like brooms, the only warning the enemy had As we littered them with bombs, till every fascist was dead We are Russian women, we're afraid of no man We can kill in the war, just like you can We are Russian women, were afraid of no man We can kill the Nazis, just like you can We are the night witches, the unsung heroes of the war We flew under the radar, to kill the fascists in the dark We are feared and hated, by every airman in the sky As we wore an iron cross, for every fascist we made die https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Witches
Set In Stone 01:48
This is not set in stone This can be overthrown Everyone plays a part Here is the right place to start Speak to your colleagues and your neighbours Organise to get a better deal Fight against the bosses and the landlords Our power is collective and it's real https://acorntheunion.org.uk/
Stabbing a knife through a hole in the ground, contaminate for profit Making millions, propping up a failing system What they take they cant put back, everything they burn is burning black While they're searching on this piece of land, the earth shakes as they extract from the ground They poison the water, fuck the local population This is an act of war and devastation It is an act of war, feeding the rich while starving the poor They came looking to find some more, while the poison leaks into our water course Leave it in the ground, leave it in the ground https://reclaimthepower.org.uk/
Not Alone 02:55
I went to the job centre to ask for some advice, they told me everything, that I'd been doing wrong with my life I went to see a doctor to talk about my dreams, she told that in this life nothing is what it seems Then I went down to the shop but they'd all been boarded up, it turns out in this dead end town it's not just me who's out of luck I need to find some shelter to get out of the rain, I need some more booze to take away the pain It's not paranoia, they're just voices in my head, they tell me everything's ok, they make me feel I'm not alone Not alone I went to the council to ask about a house, they told me everything was sold so I'd be sleeping the cold They told me charity is my only choice religion is the only voice, those thoughts inside my head will soon be put to rest They told me not to worry that austerity will end, we'll be leaving Europe soon so they'll have more cash to spend Then I bought a bag of spice thinking everything's alright, now those voices in my head mean I'll never be alone Not alone, not alone
Churches burn in western world, sympathy outpours Same occurs in other lands, No one bats an eye We will mourn for the victims We will mourn for the dead Gotta fight for the living Til our very last breath The greatest tragedy's the words left unsaid
Pit Girls 01:30
Girls it's time to take up space Roll up your jeans, it's time to break out those hairy knees We grow our pubes, and we don't care if that offends you Your masculinity will take a hit, when the pit girls are in the pit Pit girls, just wana have fun Patriarchy's going down the pan, cause pit girls ain't tryna impress no man Cover ourselves in beer and sweat, we're the pit girls and dont you forget it Got small tits and your bras don't, get in the pit Drink lambrini until your sick, get in the pit If your femininity doesn't fit, get in the pit If you tuck in your dick and you wear lipstick, get in the pit https://sgfw.org.uk/
They hang the man and flog the woman that steals the goose from off the common But leave the greater villain loose, that steals the common from the goose The law demands that we atone, when we take things we do not own But leaves the Lords and ladies fine, who take things that are yours and mine This is an English folk rhyme of unknown origin - our struggles have gone on for centuries. https://whoownsengland.org/
Guillotines 02:26
Stand up, get off your knees Don't be apart of the machine Start building the guillotines A curse on the house, off every politician We must fight back, force them into submission Theres no turning back, start the attack They started this war when they forced us into destitution. They forced us into poverty, there's people begging on the streets Forced us into foodbanks, while they dine on gold stakes They watch from their high castles, while we drown in bitter lakes Confused in our apathy, we're part of this decay I don't wana get used to this, get used to this https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/
Cut through the fence as they run for their lives, watch for the tear gas burning the eyes Hit the deck as the bullets fly, what the fuck are these borders for Just a line in the sand https://detention.org.uk/
Impunity 01:15
Let me tell you a story, about a Romanian refugee Forced by the mafia, to pay for freedom on their knees Employed by the Vatican, to satisfy the priests Its deep in their nature, those savage fucking beasts Vatican rent boys used as sex toys All those poor rent boys, travelling for freedom Traded in a warzone for sodomy and prostitution This was only 2010, this shit goes on today The vatican is corrupt in every single way The church is full of nonces
System 01:11
Any instrument that doesn't serve its purpose will conform or be replaced, melted down inside the furnace The system maintains its self Any tolerance for anything but profit, will be crushed thrown beneath the wheels, we're powerless to stop it


released April 1, 2020

Artwork by Burn Illustration,
Recorded/ mixed and mastered by Tom Vagrant at Vagrant Studios


all rights reserved



Falaun Liverpool, UK

Fast Liverpool, UK
Hardcore/Anarcho Punk

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